Friday, January 28, 2011

Nicki Minaj - Your Love.

"Your Love" is the first single from Trinidadian rapper and singer Nicki Minaj's debut studio album Pink Friday. The leaked demo of the song was released on the Barbie World mixtape in January and the full version was released as the second single from her debut album on June 1, 2010. The song samples Annie Lennox's hit version of "No More I Love You's" with additional bass, hip-hop backbeats and drum loops.

A music video for the song was directed by Lil X on the weekend of July 4, 2010 in Los Angeles. Minaj took to her Twitter, asking fans who they would like to see portray her love interest in the video.Minaj was interviewed on the set of the "Your Love" music video by MTV News while wearing a pink and purple kimono as a geisha for the video. In the interview, Minaj said, "We wanted to have geisha themes, samurai themes, stuff like that. I wanted to tell a love story. It's just kinda liking a guy, where he's not really for you to like — the forbidden fruit — and me and this other girl happen to like him and we go to war." The video premiered July 21, 2010 on Actor Michael Jai White portrays Minaj's love interest in the video.

The video is set to tell the story of a samurai-in-training, who falls in love with her master while a jealous peer fights for his affection. The video begins with Minaj delivering her lines over red and blue flowing fabric backdrops wearing a brown coat an geisha attire, while White teaches a martial arts class. As Minaj and the instructor (played by Michael Jai White ) begin to fall for one another, a student, who also has feelings for the instructor sees this and is jealous. This is intercut with scenes with Minaj donning a blonde wig and black bodysuit and in front of a green flowing backdrop. After seeing Minaj and White embrace each other on a bridge over blue-fabric "water", she and Minaj have a confrontation, which results in a duel. According to MTV News, the scenes pay homage to Uma Thurman as The Bride and Lucy Liu as Cottonmouth in Kill Bill. Minaj loses and the other woman walks away as Minaj bleeds a red fabric and White walks up and grieves over her body.

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